This blog is simply an outpouring of God’s love for you.  He has placed a tremendous burden on my heart for the institution of marriage within His Kingdom.

If your marriage is already strong, I pray the truths He reveals to you through this site only make it stronger.  Or, if you feel your marriage is beginning a downward spiral, I pray that God speaks to you through my words in order to get you back on course.  And, if you feel your marriage is over, beyond repair, I pray that my testimony proves to you that God’s grace is sufficient to heal and restore your relationship, no matter how broken you think it is.

God desires healthy, lasting, steadfast marriages that are solidified in Him and built on the rock that is Christ Jesus.

I pray my words, as revealed by God, help you and your spouse reach your full potential in Christ.

I would like to offer the following DISCLAIMER:

I have no formal training in the area of psychology or marriage.  I know very little about Christian counseling.  I have never been to Seminary.  I’m not a Biblical scholar.  In fact, I feel I know very little about anything really.

But, this is what I do know.  God talks, and I listen.  When I seek God, He reveals.  Basically, God is my teacher.  When I remove myself from the equation, God instructs me.  I merely want to share with you what He reveals to me.

My words may be flawed at times.  This is from the limited capacity of my human mind, but also from the sinful nature living in my flesh.  Sometimes, I will simply want to be right, and in trying too hard to be right, I will miss the truth that is right before my eyes.

If you disagree with something I write, I encourage you to challenge me, ask questions, or even rebuke me.  I would ask that you do it lovingly, as Christ Himself taught us to do.  Send me an email, post a comment, etc.  Whatever God directs you to do, please do.  I guarantee if you write me something that necessitates a response, I will respond.

I just ask that you keep in mind that I am merely seeking God’s will and His truth, and in revealing that to you, my aim is to glorify Him by helping your marriage in some way.  If I fail, which I will at times, I ask for your forgiveness ahead of time!