I love to talk about God.  I love to share my testimony.  I love to teach about Jesus, God’s truths, and marriage.

I can be available on short notice to speak on nearly any topic.  If your church or Bible study group is looking for someone to share their story, God’s wisdom, or anything really, I’m available.

I charge nothing.  I do it simply out of my desire to serve the Kingdom.  If your group or church or organization has a desire for me in this capacity, please just email me at:  


Or, you can reach me by phone at: 423-432-6789.

Lastly, if your class, group, or book club has any interest in my book, The Letters, I have recently reduced the price to a ridiculously low $10/copy.  This is a hardback book.  Nicely produced.  Autographed, if interested.  I’d love to share it with whoever is interested.

I look forward to hearing from you.